Resources for Fostering Engaged Living

Watch, Care, Respond


Gaming Applications that Build Covitality Domain Strengths

Numerous gaming applications offer engaging experiences to provoke and foster covitality related personal attributes, social skills and cognitive midesets. Here are a few.


Track your HappinessGGG (monitoring mood and happiness)

Unique Daily Affirmation (prompts daily positive affirmations)

PeekaPack (SEL learning curriculum)

Super Better (resilience training)


Feelings and Mindfulness

PBS Kids Feeling Games (extensive resource, explore it)

Wisdom World of Emotions (learn coping skills)

GRIS (simulation of emotional growth experiences)

Headspace (meditation and sleep)

Mightier (self-regulation via play)

Gratitude and Kindness

Gratitude: Diary, Vision Board  (journaling, positive affirmations

Presently: A Gratitude Journal (journaling, 3 good things)

Delightful – Gratitude Journal & 3 Good Things (journaling)

Three Good Things (daily 3 blessings reflections)

Self-Efficacy, Persistence, Problem-Solving

Breathe, Think, Do (problem solving, self-control, planning)

Monster Physics (self-efficacy, creativity)

Thinkrolls (kids logic puzzles) (problem-solving, persistence, self-efficacy)

Lightbot (solving puzzle using programming)

Codes Park Academy (creativity, persistence, self-efficacy)

Minecraft Education Edition

Universal, Tier 1, wellness informs school-site care teams about its students' mental wellness... AND... very importantly, it provides information about ALL students' life satisfaction and emotional wellbeing... which, in turn, provides guidance about needed prevention and intervention services. This section offers information for school-site care coordination teams as they care for their children.

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