University of California Santa Barbara

Project Covitality

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Erin Dowdy, PhD

Michael Furlong, PhD

Karen Nylund-Gibson, PhD

Reflecting the International Center for School-Based Youth Development's increased focus on school mental health and positive education research and practice, it name was changed to the UCSB School Mental Health Collaborative. The name change aligns our work with the School Mental Health Collabortive partnership between the University of Wisconson and the University of South Florida.

Read about UCSB's partnerhsip with the SMHC

Expanding mental health treatment for schoolchildren focus of national grant award to Gevirtz School and partner universities

The mission of the School Mental Health Collaborative (SMHC) is to facilitate and promote access to high-quality, evidence-based, and culturally responsive school mental health practices. SMHC represents a national, interconnected network of researchers, practitioners, and family and youth advocates. The work of SMHC is grounded in social justice to reduce inequalities and promote equity in school mental health systems and practices.